Schiffsmodell HMS Agamemnon von 1781
HMS Agamemnon of 1781,  1 : 64 scale



Historic ship models



We offer you beautiful, superbly made historic ship models. All of them are unique pieces made by experienced model builders.

Our ship models for sale:


Schiffsmodell SOLEIL ROYAL von 1669 The French Soleil Royal that was launched in Brest 1669  

Scale of the ship model  1 : 77
Length of the ship model  101 cm,
Price 4500 Euro, plus transport cost 
Ship model HMS Victory of 1765, Nelson's flagship at Trafalgar

A model of HMS Victory of 1765,

Admiral Nelson's flagship at the
Battle of Trafalgar in 1805

Scale 1 : 78
Length 122 cm
Price 3500 Euro, plus transport cost
Ship model Norske Loeve of 1765 The Danish Norske Loeve of 1765

Scale 1 : 75
Length 107 cm
Price 3600 Euro, plus transport cost 
Schiffsmodell HMS Agamemnon von 1781

A model of HMS Agamemnon of 1781,

Admiral Nelson's favourite ship

Scale 1 : 64
Length 129 cm
Price 5200 Euro, plus transport cost
Halbmodell Drachenboot von 1929 A half-hull model of the Dragon keelboat
of 1929
Scale 1 : 24
Length 46 cm
Price 180 Euro, plus transport cost
Halbmodell der 12mR-Yacht Sphinx A half-hull model of the 12mR-Yacht Sphinx
of 1939 
Scale 1 : 50
Length 50 cm
Price 180 Euro, plus transport cost


There is only the one piece shown in the website available for sale.


If you are a ship modeller, you may get information, ideas and maybe some guidance from the pictures in our gallery of ship models sold.

Most people like ship models of the Great Age of Sail. That's what we offer. Our pieces are finely worked, fascinating tall ship models and model boats for display at your home or your office.

Have a detailed look at the superb quality of our models!  Our customers were excited!


Besides historic ship models for sale we offer half hulls and yacht models and flags for ship models. This website also has information on museums, historic ships, replicas and an extensive literature and links list of books on wooden ships and ship modeling.

If you are interested mainly in the ship model images: non-exclusive licenses to reprint the images are available.


Here you find how to order a ship model and how the transport can be arranged.

Please call me or send an email, if you have questions or are interested in one of the models.
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Until 2017 this business will be kept on a low level with small sales volume. The number of ship models for sale is lower than in the past years.    

I live in the northern part of Recklinghausen, in a green suburb called Speckhorn.