Historic Ship Models

   Ship model HMS Agamemnon of 1781
HMS Agamemnon of 1781, 1 : 64 scale

Historic ship models

Do you like ship models?
Are you looking for a tall ship model to buy or for information and ship model photos to help you in building your own ship model?
Or do you simply think the sailing ship is the most beautiful thing man has made?
If so, you have come to the right place!

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We offer static wooden historic ship models. All are beautiful decorative pieces, and many are museum quality. Most people like ship models of the Great Age of Sail. That's what we offer. Our pieces are finely worked, fascinating model boats and tall ship models for display at your home or your office.


Have a detailed look at the superb quality of our models!

This website also has information on museums, historic ships, replicas and an extensive literature and links list of books on wooden ships and ship modeling.

If you are interested mainly in the ship model images: non-exclusive licenses to reprint the images are available.

Until 2017 this business will be kept on a low level with small sales volume. The number of ship models for sale is lower than in the past years.    

Please call me or send an email, if you have questions or are interested in one of the models. Here you find how to order a ship model and how the transport can be arranged.

Dr. Michael Czytko, Kuehlstr. 31, D-45659 Recklinghausen, Germany
Tel.  +49 2361 59757, email:
If you come by car, it is easy to find my home
I live in the northern part of Recklinghausen, in a green suburb called Speckhorn

Established in 2000


Fifteen years of happy customers and praise by ship modelers!


Dear Michael,
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful website of model ships.

I have for the past three years intermittently accessed your website as a reference for the English Frigate I am currently building. The French Frigate model you display in high resolution photos is what I consider to be one of the finest examples of a Frigate rendered in model.

I was somewhat dismayed to read of your scaling down and govt. constraints, but relieved that you intend to keep the website up and the photos of this fine model in place.

I wish you the very best for your forthcoming retirement and endeavors.

Dennis L., Bellingham, WA., USA, Oct. 2013     


Re: Baltic Sea galeas
My family and I love the model, it looks more beautiful than the pictures on your website.

You ... also offer outstanding services for your customers.

Yu-Cheng K., Taiwan, Sept. 2013


Michael -
We received the ship today at our office. It was great to get it. ... Thank you again for all your help.
David P., USA, July 2013


Re: Endeavour

We have just finished unpacking her in my office and I am absolutely delighted! The model is everything you promised and more and is a very high standard of quality.
I have six models already and this is now definitely the best! May I say a big thank you to you for finding me this and for organizing the shipping so professionally ...
Kind regards,
John M., Sydney,
Australia, Sept. 2012


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