Historic Ship Models

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Until 2017 this business will be kept on a low level with small sales volume.

The number of ship models for sale is lower than in the past years.    

This is the gallery of ship models available for sale. They are shown with small photos in historical order. The development of shipbuilding over 400 years can be clearly recognized in these tall ship models.

Schiffsmodell SOLEIL ROYAL von 1669

The ship models sold by this website are all very beautiful decorative models. Many are as detailed and true to scale as you find them in museums. Some (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4) are master pieces that are rarely shown even in museums.

Most of the models are sailing ship models. There is a specific page for every ship model, with some information and about 20 to 50 photos of the model. Each photo can be viewed in low resolution of 600 by 450 pixel and in high resolution of up to 12 megapixel.


All the ship models are unique pieces made by experienced model builders. There is only the one piece shown in the website available for sale. Have a detailed look at the superb quality of our models!


Here you find how to order a ship model and how the transport can be arranged.


Currently there are only few models offered for sale, as this business must be kept on a low level with small sales volume.






The French Soleil Royal that was launched in Brest 1669


Scale of the ship model  1 : 77
Length of the ship model  1
01 cm,
4500 Euro, plus transport cost 

  Schiffsmodell HMS Agamemnon von 1781  




A model of HMS Agamemnon of 1781, Admiral Nelson's favourite ship

Scale 1 : 64
Length 129 cm
Price 5800 Euro, plus transport cost