Non-exclusive license to images of ship models


The images of this website in general are available for publishing. Only a few of them, e.g. when showing people on them, are not.
I do retain the copyright of the images. For sale is only a non-exclusive license to reprint the images.

Please specify the intended use. For low-volume prints the prices are: 1 - 3 images are 50 €, 6 images are 100 €, 10 images 150 €, 20 images are 200 €.

The website's high resolution images are in 3 - 12 megapixel and about 200 - 500 kB file size  (depending on the camera and the compression rate I used when including the files into the website).
The original camera images are 3 - 12 megapixel, too, but have a file size of about 3 - 6 MB each. The original camera images are suitable for 300 dpi print.

When buying a non-exclusive license of an image you will be provided with the original camera image. Just name the pictures and I will email you the original camera files and the bill. Please quote "Michael Czytko," as source of the pictures.

Dr. Michael Czytko, Kuehlstr. 31, D-45659 Recklinghausen, Germany,
Tel.  +49 2361 59757, email:



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