Selling ship models



You want to sell ship models? If you live in Germany or in a country close by (Netherlands, Danmark, France, Poland etc.) and you want to sell your ship models, I could probably help you. You might sell your ship models to me, and then I try to find a new owner for them. Of course, what I need first, are some good photos of your models.

Photographing ship models...


Taking photos of ship models


... is done best outdoors, not with artificial light,
on a sunny day with blue sky,
in the shade, not in direct sunlight,

in front of a white, blue or black background.

The photos are best, if you do not use the automatic settings of your camera but adjust aperture, shutter speed and distance manually. Shoot them with sensitivity 100 ASA or less, highest aperture (F 8 or 22, depending on the camera) and in the highest quality with maximum pixel number. Adjust the distance to a point of middle distance, e.g. the main mast, if you photograph a three-master from ahead.

What camera to use? A digital single lens reflex camera on a tripod is best. You can easily choose a high aperture without worrying about expose time getting too long.

Almost as good is a bridge camera (on a tripod) that allows for independently adjusting aperture, exposure time and distance.

Small automatic compact cameras may give pictures that are not as clear. They usually allow only for limited choice of aperture or none at all. The distance, too, often is set automatically and cannot be adjusted manually. Thus, photos are often out of focus and depth of field is limited. 

Best is just to try.

I need 10 or 20 photos per ship model, of the whole ship from all sides and several close views of details.

What I also need from you  are a few data about the ship models, like the length, width and height, information on the history of the ships, whether a display case is included, what materials were used in building the models etc. and of course your price for the models.

Please call me, if you are interested in selling ship models, or send an email:
Dr. Michael Czytko,  Kuehlstr. 31,  D-45659 Recklinghausen,  Germany
Tel.  +49 2361 59757, email: .