Transport of ship models



Ship models can be delivered everywhere, by a parcel service or transport companies, or by air cargo to any place, but one has to take special precautions. Transportation of model ships is a difficult affair, because the models are sensitive and can easily be damaged. The best way of commercial transport is in a wooden box. Depending on weight the box should be set on a pallet, to facilitate handling by fork lifts. In such boxes the ship models can be transported safely. We had only one accident in all the years, when the transport company crashed the box. All other transports went smooth.



1.5 m long transport box with a VICTORY model on a pallet, for trucking to Switzerland.


Larger distances to countries abroad go only by air freight. The ship models have to be fixed in a suitable air cargo box. The air freight for a model in a box like the one shown above from Germany to USA is about 500 - 1000 Euro.


This air cargo transport box with a 1.3 m model of a VICTORY had a total weight of 70 kg.
To facilitate handling by fork lifts it got some blocks underneath.


A 80 cm model in a somewhat smaller air cargo box. Total weight was 38 kg.


If you live in Germany or a country nearby, the best method may be picking up the model ship by yourself with a suitable passenger car or a larger rental car. In a passenger car the ship model may be stabilized by blankets and cushions. The ship must be put somewhat slanting, as the mastheads must be kept clear from the car ceiling.


Transport of a ship model in a car

Transport of a ship model in a car -2



Another good method is fixing the large models like this NORSKE LOEVE to a transport board,
if the car is big enough. This one went to Norway.
Transport board, with ship model fixed on it



I transported many ship models in such a way or asked buyers to come and fetch them. So far, it was always done without damages. In addition, this is the chance for the buyer for a final check whether he or she really likes the model after seeing only photos so far.  However, on the many look-and-take-home sales via this webpage (see the gallery of ship models sold) only once a potential buyer withdrew after having a look at his model.


This photo shows the delivery of six models with 1 - 1.4 m length to a hotel at the Baltic Sea.
The models are fixed to transport boards and stabilized by polystyrene blocks.


Transport of a 2 m model of the American frigate CONSTITUTION.


If you are interested in one of the ship models and have questions on ways of transport, please call me. We will always find a solution that works.