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My friends and me are ship model lovers in the Ruhr area of western Germany. We build wooden quality ship models and sell them from time to time, as no house is big enough to accommodate all the ships that true lovers continue to make. Two models which I built are shown on this website. They are the SCOTTISH MAID, a 1839 schooner, and the yacht BRITANNIA, a symbol of royal sailing.  Besides, I trade ship models by this internet gallery.



All our model ships are beautiful decorative pieces up to first-class museum quality. Have a look at the high resolution photos in the gallery of ship models sold! All the ship models are unique pieces made by experienced model builders. There is only the one piece shown in the website available for sale. Here you find how to order a ship model and how the transport can be arranged.


How do we compare to other ship model sellers?


The more expensive ship models, which show more details than our models, were made in thousands of working hours. Some model makers such as Olivier Bello build them like the former English Admiralty Board models, leaving one side unplanked and the framing open to inspection.


In China, Vietnam or Mauritius there is a mass-production of cheap ship models which show few details and poor handicraftship. The dealers show only small pictures of the models in their websites or brochures. Otherwise you would immediately recognize the low quality of workmanship.



Quality ship models


We show our scale models with many detailed photos and close views in this gallery. You can exactly see the quality which you buy from us. If you click on one of the photos you will get that photo in high resolution.


Quality ship model Max Emanuel  Ship model Max Emanuel   


Quality ship model, fine detail


Quality ship model Max Emanuel, gun on deck


Do you want to see the ship models by yourself before making your choice? I always have some models in stock in a small showroom.


Often some of the models are shown at the Intermodellbau Fair at Dortmund, Germany, in April each year.


Eight ship models we delivered to the Morada Seaside Resort at Kuehlungsborn near Rostock on the Baltic coast. It is a beautiful hotel directly at the Baltic Sea beach, and our models are on display in the passage to the restaurant.


ship model HMS Prince
And that is me, cleaning a model of HMS Prince before working on its restoration,


and on a sailing trip on the Ijsselmeer in Holland
sailing yacht Ijsselmeer


Please contact me, if you have any questions.


Dr. Michael Czytko, Kuehlstr. 31, D-45659 Recklinghausen, Germany,
Tel.  +49 2361 59757, Email: michael.czytko@t-online.de
If you come by car, it is easy to find my home


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