This enterprise was scaled down in 2013 - 2016



This business was kept on a low level with small sales volume during 2013 - 2016. In March 2017 the shop was reopened.


According to German law until 2016 people in early retirement are allowed to earn additional income only up to 450 Euro per month. If you earn more, your pension gets cut. "Early retirement" refers to pensioners being 62 - 64 years old. In the standard old age retirement of 65 and older you can earn as much money as you want.

Many early retirement pensioners want to continue to work part time. They are high in demand by companies that want to use their expertise. That is why the German government talked about changing the law to allow those people to continue working.

Members of the ruling coalition parties CDU, CSU and FDP have been talking since 2011 about a retirement reform bill that would raise will extra earnings limit in early retirement.


Early 2011 there were press reports about the bill:


In spring 2012 the new extra earnings limit was specified - the highest income of the last 15 years:


But in January 2013 it turned out that the coalition parties would quarrel too much for successful systematic work. The coalition committee meeting scheduled for 28 February 2013 was to be the last-ditch attempt to work out a compromise on the remaining legislation drafts.



9 March 2013

I did not read anything about the coalition committee that was scheduled for 28 February 2013. The committee was to name the legislation drafts that would be turned into law before the German elections in September. One of the items was the retirement reform bill.


The extra earnings limit is important for me. In near future I move into early retirement. Raising the extra earnings limit would have allowed me to continue my trade of historic ship models. Within a limit of 450 Euro earnings per month this is not possible. As I cannot risk my pension I effectively close this enterprise.

It was no easy decision. For a long time I hoped that the government members would overcome their cockfights and showing-off affectations and bring themselves to purposeful work and turn the bill into law. Two years of idle talk, no action.

Now I have a few months to sell the remaining ship models. I want to do it in a reverse auction: every few weeks the price of each model will be lowered until the model is sold.

Any leftovers will be offered in 2014 and afterwards. I want to continue the trade on a small scale. The website and the enterprise will be kept. In 2017, when I enter regular old age retirement, I might restart this business.

I have traded historic ship models on and since 2000, and before in a test version by another domain since 1999. It has been a source of joy, not only for me but also for my customers and my ship modeling friends who found new owners and lovers for their works by this website.


Everything has its time.




8 July 2013

The closing sale is over. Except for a few models all are sold. I am surprised how fast it went.

If I sell the remaining models in 2014 or later the profit will stay below the extra earnings limit. There is even room to take in some new nice ships - which I intend to do.


I will retain the website. I want to keep the chance to restart the business in 2017.



23 May 2014
The new government that was formed after German elections in September 2013 had the Bundestag pass a retirement reform bill.

Both coalition parties, CDU and SPD, served their clientele generously. Their retirement benefits were raised. It was classic vote buying by piling up even more public debt.

However, they forgot something. There was no raising the extra earnings limit. They never thought of those who want or have to work in retirement.




1 January 2017

In January and February 2017 the shop is completely closed to avoid unfavourable taxation. On 1 March 2017 I will become a regular old age retiree. There will be no more extra earnings limit.




1 March 2017

The business was restarted with many new fine models. Ship models have been my favourite hobby for many years and I am glad that it can go on.