Flags for ship models


Manufactured by a model ship maker for model ship makers, water resistant and colour printed on both sides, on fine cotton with some synthetic admixture, with leech and border for gluing, equally well suited for static historic ship models and pond models.

Most Flags are on stock and immediately available, otherwise delivery time approx. 2 - 3 weeks.


Flag White Ensign


Please give the leech length (Liekmass, Lk) for each flag in your order, in mm. The horizontal length of the flag is given by regulations setting the proportions of flags in each country. 

For selecting the flags and ordering please visit www.schiffsmodellflaggen.de


Flying the flags on a cargo ship model



Here you find more examples of how to fly the flags on ships.

How to use the flags:

The flags are best cut out with sharp scissors or a scalpel exactly along the color edge. No stripe of unprinted material should be left with the flag. White flags must keep at least half of the thin border line. By this fraying of the cloth can be avoided.

Flags are rarely attached directly to a flagpole. Usually the flag rope is used to hoist or hold a flag in place, thus we recommend to glue the flag at the leech to a thin thread. A colourless adhesive should be used. When the glue has hardened it can be smoothed by ironing at the leech.

The flags can be made a little bit softer (so they hang and appear like real ship's flags) by bathing them in warm water with detergent. To make them look old (and a little darker) immerse the flag in tea, like conditioning sails for ship models.

When hoisting several flags, e.g. for signals or on some steamers, some model makers use thin wire instead of thread as flag rope. Other model makers harden the flag rope with liquid adhesive. Thus the flags do not point in all different directions by the drill of the thread, but appear to be aligned by wind as on a real ship.

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