How to order a ship model and arrange the transport



Transport box with two ship models

If you are interested in buying a ship model, please call me or send an email. We will arrange the details how you will receive your ship. This is not an online shop with every order being processed automatically.

If you live close-by or can visit me in connection with some other trip it is best to pick up your ship model yourself. In this case I would like to get the money in cash.

However, most of my customers live far away and require the ships to be sent in a transport box.
Within Germany and the neighbouring countries transport by truck is the best way. Larger distances to countries abroad go only by air freight.

Transport cost

A transport company will give a quote on the cost of delivery to you. The cost, of course, depend on the transport box size, weight and the distance. From experience I can give some estimates.
Truck transport within Germany:   50 – 100 €
Truck transport to neighbouring countries:  80 – 200 €
(for Switzerland this is including customs processing, but without customs duties and import tax)
Air cargo to airports in USA, Asia, Australia:   200 – 600 €
Please note that included in the cost estimates are delivery by air to your nearest international cargo airport.
If you want the box delivered to your doorstep and don’t want to handle the customs processing at the airport yourself, the transport company may take care of that. There may be an additional charge in the order of 100 € for that. That, of course, does not include customs duties or import tax.
In addition, there are the cost for transporting the box from the airport to your home.
Of course, all models are fully insured during transport.


transport box with ship model, closed



I will send a ship model only after having received the payment. You may wire the money to one of my bank accounts in Germany or USA. Payment by PayPal can be done only when previously agreed upon.

The whole process of buying a ship model is

1. Making contact by email or phone
Selection of the ship model, clarifying way of transport and payment

2. Payment by wiring the money

3. Building the transport box (3 – 5 days)
You get a photo documentation how the ship model is fixed in the transport box and how to open the box

4. Delivery by the transport company (2 – 8 days)
I stay in contact with the transport company and track the box on the way to you. I will tell you the estimated time of arrival.

5. Feedback
Please tell me whether the box arrived in time, on schedule, and without damages.

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