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Historic ship models for sale, an overview of all model ships offered for sale, with small pictures, displayed in historical order.

Ship models available in my display room in Recklinghausen:

    the City of Hamburg's convoy ship WAPEN VON HAMBURG of 1667,
    the French Chebec Le Requin of 1751,
    the English cutter FLY of 1763,

    a privateer frigate by Chapman, Pl. 31, of 1768,
    the English HMS FLY of 1776,
    the frigate HMS Diana of 1794,
    the privateer USS Lynx of 1812,
    the Rostock galeas HELENE of 1817,
    a Dutch gunboat of 1830,
    the coastal gaff sail barge ELISABETH of Blankenese, Germany, of 1860,
    a model of the English tea clipper Cutty Sark of 1869
    a Mississippi steamboat of 1870,
    the Rhine river barge GUTE HOFFNUNG of 19th century,
    a Danish sloop of 19th century,
    the Baltic Sea galeas KARL UND MARIE of 1884,
    the American sloop Puritan of 1885,

    the Lemster aak "De Groene Draeck" of 1957,


Ship model of Rüdiger Eschker, Leverkusen, Germany

    the French Chebec Le Requin of 1751, built in style of admiralty models


Ship models of Rainer Wedel, Geestland, Germany:

     a Providence River Boat of 1875,

     a Dover sprat boat of 1880,  

     a Maine Peapod fishing boat of late 19th century,
     an Orust jolly boat of 1890,
     a spritsail craft from Tåsinge, Denmark, of 1890,
     a Largs line skiff from Scotland of 1890,
     the Bornholm boat ODIN of 1892,
     a pram from Vorupør, Denmark, from 1895,
     a dinghy from Junge-Werft, Wewelsfleet, Germany, of 1898,
     a No Man's Land Boat of late 19th century,
     a pram from Hjerting, Denmark, of 1930,

     a Bohus jolly boat of 1940

Ship models of Rudolf Ferlemann, Münster, Germany:
    a Dutch Statenjacht of 1700
    the French brig Euryale of 1804,
    a French longboat of 1834


Literature and links on ship building, model ships and related topics



Plans and drawings of historic ships:

Overview plans and drawings of historic ships

Chapman's Architectura Navalis Mercatoria

Atlas du Génie Maritime


Photographs of historic ships, replicas and museum exhibits:
Overview museums, historic ships,
Portsmouth historic dockyard, the center of the Great Age of Sail, with
  HMS Victory of 1765, Nelson's flagship, in dry dock,
  HMS Warrior of 1860, the world’s first iron-hulled, armoured warship powered by steam,
  the rediscovered hull of the Mary Rose of 1545, and her museum
  the Royal Naval Museum
the Cutty Sark in Greenwich,
the Swedish VASA of 1628 in Stockholm,

the frigate Jylland in dry dock in Ebeltoft, Denmark,
the frigate HMS Trincomalee in Hartlepool, England,
the replica of HM Bark Endeavor, the ship of James Cook,
the replica of frigate HMS Rose of 1757
the replica of the Dutch VOC ship Batavia of 1628,
the replica of the 1340 cog ship of Kampen,
the trireme Olympias and the Hellenic Maritime Museum in Piraeus, Greece,

the Science Museum in London,
the Musee de la Marine in Paris,

the Museo Naval in Madrid,
the Museo Marítimo in Barcelona,

the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam,

het Scheepvaartmuseum, also in Amsterdam,

the Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum in Bremerhaven,

the Deutsche Museum in Munich,
the German Navy Museum in Wilhelmshaven,
the Museu de Marinha, Lisbon,
the Orlogsmuseet in Copenhagen,
the Vikingeskibsmuseet Roskilde, Denmark,
the Bergen Maritime Museum, Norway,
the Museo Storico Navale in Venice,

the Sjöhistoriska Museet in Stockholm,
the region of Andalusia and Gibraltar, with replicas of Columbus ships in La Rabida,
the Maritime Museum of Trieste,
the Malta Maritime Museum,
the Museum of Hamburg History in Hamburg,

the Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp,

the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam,
the Maritime Museum in Dubrovnik, Croatia,
the Maritime Museum of British Columbia in Victoria,
the Fries Scheepvaart Museum in Sneek, Friesland, Netherlands,

the Internationales Maritimes Museum in Hamburg,
the Eesti Meremuuseum (Estonian Maritime Museum) in Tallinn,
the Golden Hinde II, a Replica of Sir Francis Drake's Famous Galleon, in London,

the Deutsche Sielhafenmuseum (sluice harbour museum) in Carolinensiel at the North Sea coast,
the British National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, London.

Flags by Mr. Hans-Juergen Blissenbach, Bielefeld, Germany
   Introduction and general remarks

Yacht models, half hulls and maritime art objects by Mr. Juergen Oltmann, Schwanewede near Bremen, Germany
   Introduction and general remarks
Very fine ship models in 1 : 400 scale by Imthurn Productions, CH - 2943 Vendlincourt, Switzerland
Beautiful ships not for sale, just to have a look:
    the third WAPEN VON HAMBURG, a 1720 convoy ship of the City of Hamburg,
    a model of the 1839 SCOTTISH MAID, a fast schooner close to the wind, and
    the BRITANNIA, a symbol for speed, class and elegance.

Selling of ship models to me

Transport of ship models

Historic authenticity the Spanish three-decker SAN FELIPE of 1690

The Gallery of ship models sold:
the royal ship of pharaoh Cheops of 2500 B.C.,
a Roman trade ship of 1st century B.C.,
the Oseberg Ship of 820 A.D.,
the Gokstad ship, a Viking ship of 9th century,
the smallest of the three boats of the Gokstad ship,
the Viking ship Skuldelev 3 that was built in A.D. 1030,
the Viking ship Skuldelev 5, a small warship that was built in 1040,
a nef from Winchelsea, 13th century,
a Hanseatic League ship of 1470,
Christopher Columbus' SANTA MARIA which he used when discovering America in 1492,
Sir Francis Drake's GOLDEN HIND of 1577,
a 16th century galley, based on the description by Joseph Furttenbach,
a galleon of 1610,
the Swedish VASA of 1628,
a larger model of the Vasa of 1628 in 1 : 35 scale,
the famous English SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS of 1637,
a second model of the English SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS of 1637,
a third model of the English SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS of 1637, with sails,
a fourth model of the SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS of 1637, without sails,

the Dutch fluyt ZEEHAEN of 1639,
a Dutch twodecker of 1660 / 1670,
the English frigate UNICORN of 1665,

the French galley REALE DE FRANCE of Louis XIV in the 17th century,
the City of Hamburg's convoy ship WAPEN VON HAMBURG of 1667,
the French SOLEIL ROYAL that was launched in Brest 1669,
a second model of the Soleil Royal of 1669,
a third model of the Soleil Royal with the royal standard in the large stern flag,
the HMS PRINCE, an English first rate ship of 1670, 1 : 53 scale,
another model of the English HMS PRINCE of 1670, 1 : 75 scale,
and a third model of HMS PRINCE in 1 : 68 scale,
the fluyt DERFFLINGER that at the end of the 17th century belonged to the fleet of
   Kurfuerstentum Brandenburg,
the Brandenburg frigate FRIEDRICH WILHELM ZU PFERDE of 1685,
the French expedition ship LA BELLE of 1686,
the Spanish SAN FELIPE of 1690 with 108 cannons, a model without sails,
the Spanish SAN FELIPE, with sails on port tack,
the Spanish SAN FELIPE of 1690, another model without sails,
an Arabian chebec of the 18th century,
a galeas from Stettin, 18th century,
a splendid yacht of 1711, owned by Max Emanuel, Duke of Bavaria and governor of the
   Spanish Netherlands,
the English cutter SHARKE of 1711,
the galiot Stadt Elbing of 1738,
a BERMUDA SLOOP of 1740 by plans of Frederic af Chapman,
an English East Indiaman of 1740,
a Dutch galiot of 1740 in 1 : 40 scale,

another model of the Dutch galiot in 1 : 50 scale,
a model of the French frigate La Renommée of 1744,
the ROYAL CAROLINE that was built at Bedford shipyard in 1749,
a second model of the ROYAL CAROLINE of 1749,
an English brig of 1750,
an 18th century French 40 gun frigate built to the drawings of Amiral Paris and Frederik Chapman,
the French chebec Le Requin of 1751,
the French bomb ketch LA SALAMANDRE of 1752 as a partly planked hull model,
the French 64-gun ship LE PROTECTEUR that was launched 1760 in Toulon,

an English bomb ketch of 1760,
the Danish NORSKE LOEVE that was built 1765 at the Nyholm navy yard near Copenhagen,
another model of the Danish NORSKE LOEVE of 1765 with sails,
the HMS VICTORY of 1765, the flagship of admiral Nelson 1805 in the battle of Trafalgar,
       as a 1 m model with gun ports closed,
the HMS VICTORY of 1765, as a 1.3 m model with gun ports open,
the HMS VICTORY of 1765, as 1.4 m model with copper-plated hull,
the HMS VICTORY as model without sails in 1 : 72 scale,

the HMS VICTORY, in 1 : 50 scale,
the HMS ENDEAVOUR, the expedition ship of James Cook 1768, in 1 : 45  scale,
the HMS ENDEAVOUR of 1768, the expedition ship of James Cook, in 1 : 60 scale,

another model of HMS ENDEAVOUR in 1 : 60, without sails,
the frigate USS Confederacy of 1778, built in style of the admiralty models,
the British frigate SERAPIS of 1779,
the USS BONHOMME RICHARD that in 1779 took the English frigate Serapis as a prize,
the French ROYAL LOUIS, a three-decker of 1780,
the HMS Agamemnon of 1781, Admiral Nelson's favourite ship,
another model of HMS Agamemnon of 1781, with gunports closed,
a third model of HMS Agamemnon of 1781,

the Spanish bomb ketch LA CANDELARIA of 1782,
a 2nd rank English two-decker ship of the line with 86 cannon that was built in 1783,
the L' AURORE that was built in 1784 in France,
the HMS Bounty of 1784,
a second model of HMS Bounty of 1784 in 1 : 32 scale,
the HMS Vanguard, a 74-gun ship of the line of 1787,
the British frigate UNICORN of 1794,
the HMS DIANA, another British frigate of 1794,
a second model of HMS DIANA, a frigate of 1794,
and a third model of the DIANA of 1794 on a flat black stand,
a French frigate of the 18th century, according to drawings of Chapman,
the American frigate USS CONSTITUTION of 1797,
the American Frigate Essex of 1799,

a Dutch bomb galiot of 1800,
the USS Oneida of 1809,
a gunboat of the early 19th century,
a French tartane of 1810,
the AXEL THORSEN, a Norwegian gunboat of 1810,
the French barge LE CANOT IMPERIAL of 1811,
the HMS Melville, an English 74 gun ship of the line of 1813,
the American customs schooner ALERT of 1814,
the English 74 gun HMS Wellesley of 1815,
the HMS Beagle, a small bark of the Royal Navy that was launched in 1820,

the French schooner La Jacinthe of 1823,
the French corvette LA CRÉOLE of 1827,
another model of the French corvette LA CRÉOLE of 1827,
the French steam corvette LE SPHINX of 1828,
the US slaver DOS AMIGOS of 1832,
the Russian frigate PALLADA of 1833,
the Italian wheel steamer GULNARA of 1834,
a Chinese seagoing junk of 1834,
an Amsterdam tjalk of the 19th century,
the schooner SCOTTISH MAID of 1839,
a Nordland boat (Norwegian: Nordlandsbåt) of 1847 in 1 : 20 scale,
a second model of the Nordland boat of 1847 in 1 : 10 scale,
the Russian screw clipper STRELOK (in Russian Стрелок) of 1856,
the radaviso SALAMANDER of the Prussian navy in 1851,
a Chinese river junk of 19th century,
a Whitehall Boat from New York of the 1860s,

the Mississippi steamboat ROBERT E. LEE of 1866,
the New York pilot boat PHANTOM that was built 1868 in East Boston,
the English tea clipper Cutty Sark of 1869,
the corvette ELISABETH of the Prussian Navy of 1869,
the German wheel steamer NAUTILUS of 1870,
a Mississippi steamboat of 1870,
a Shetland fourern of 1871, 
a model of a Hoogaars of Arnemuiden of 1874,
a model of the pilot boat Pinky Dove of 1875,

a French whaleboat of 19th century,
a German zeesenboot, a fishing vessel of 1880,
the German schooner Hansine, 19th century,
a Connecticut River Shad Boat of 1885,

a Marker Botter of 1889,
the Norwegian polar expedition ship Fram of 1892,
a Dutch fishing vessel with flat-bottomed hull of the 19th century,
the Baltic Sea galeas KARL UND MARIE, end of 19th century,

the small herring boat Maries Minde of Hundested, Denmark, built in 1895,
the English trawler IBEX of 1896,
the German galiot HOFFNUNG of 1897,
a model of a Swedish kaag (kåg)) of 1900,
a dinghy from Junge-Werft, Germany of 1900,
another dinghy from Junge-Werft, Wewelsfleet, Germany of 1900 with a large fender at the bow,
a coble from Perth, Scotland, early 20th century,
a Breton fishing boat of 1904,
the bisquine La Perle of Cancale, built in  1905,
a Dutch Tholense Hoogaars TH 64 of 1907,
the Scottish Zulu MUIRNEAG SY 4866 of 1907,

a model of a French cod fishing dory, early 20th century,
the barquentine META was built in 1915 at Barth, at the German Baltic Sea coast,
the SEUTE DEERN that was built in 1919 in USA, now a museum ship in Bremerhaven, Germany,
the English sailing trawler MASTERHAND LT 1203 of 1920,
the coastal spritsail barge LADY DAPHNE of 1923,
the French barquentine COTE D'ÉMERAUDE of 1925,

the Italian training ship AMERIGO VESPUCCI of 1930,
a second model of the Italian training ship AMERIGO VESPUCCI, unpainted,
a Whaleboat of 1933,
the J-Class Yacht Endeavour of 1934,
the German submarine U 69 of 1940,
the German submarine U 1023 of 1944,
Shipyard half-hull models of MS DORADO, MS DELPHINA of the Bremer Vulkan
    and the CAP SAN DIEGO of the Deutsche Werft AG in Hamburg, from the 1960s,
the German trawler CUX 87, a typical fishing vessel of the 1970s,
and another fishing cutter CUX 87 painted in red.

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